Campaign For Meds Management Overview

Our Motivating Vision:

This campaign aims to promote patient-centered medication management, especially in the high-risk medication (HRM)* population, advance patient-centered shared decision-making models, and emphasize the patient voice in healthcare.

* Opioids, diabetes medications, and/or anticoagulant medications are considered high-risk medications.

Want to Join the Campaign?

Commit to participate in the Medication Safety LAN Events and engage in at least one of the following:

  • Suggest a tool or resource
  • Share a story or experience with the CMM team
  • Use/promote shared decision-making in your practice

Who has Joined the Campaign?

See the states below that have committed to join the campaign (Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Maryland).

Campaign Team:

About Us:

Who were the CMM Phase 1 Collaborators?

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